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Red River Team

Angie Lane – Executive Director

Please contact Angie at: [email protected] or 603.224.4697 x 10

TBD – Business Manager

Please contact our Business Manager at: [email protected] or 603.224.4697 x 11

Head shot photography for employees of Red River Theatres, Concord NH

Katie A. Mosher – Events and Marketing Manager

Katie is a lifelong resident of the Concord area and has been with Red River Theatres off and on since the theater opened in 2007.  Katie is enthusiastic about revitalizing the Main Street community and is active in the young professionals network in Concord. She enjoys living and experiencing Concord’s unique and exciting downtown and she looks forward to making your event a success!

Favorite Movie: My Neighbor Totoro (she even named her cat Totoro!)

Please contact Katie at: [email protected] or 603.224.4697 x 12




Jemi Broussard – Membership Coordinator

Born in Concord, but having grown up an Army brat in Augusta, Georgia, Jemi Broussard credits her older brother for introducing her to international cinema, as well as many cult favorites, on their sometimes nightly trips to the multiple cinemas at Ft. Gordon, GA as teens. She later fueled her passion for movies during college, where she was an English and Art History Major, and Student Cinematic Arts Coordinator of a nightly film program for the U.G.A. University Union, and, for one special summer, a member of the Dartmouth Film Society. After college she worked for Films Incorporated/Public Media, Inc. as Non-Theatrical Sales Manager in Atlanta, after which she moved to NH with her husband Rick, a writer who became longtime editor of NH Magazine, and raised three creative and artistic children in her grandfather’s home in the South End. During those years Jemi was actively involved with Children’s and Youth Theatre programs as a volunteer, and was named Concord School District “Champion for Children” in 1999.

For Red River Theatres, Jemi is Membership Coordinator, organizes speakers for our Independent Lens sneak preview documentary series with NHPTV, proofreads, takes photos, and is one of three Facebook administrators.

Please contact Jemi at: [email protected] or 603.224.4697 x 18


RRT_Employee1Bryce Boucher – Assistant Manager

Bryce has been working with Red River since fall of 2014 and has lived in NH most of his life. Before Red River he went to school for filmmaking and for five years afterwards worked on set on a number of film and commercial productions.  Favorite movie: toss up between “Fight Club” and “American Beauty.”

Please contact Bryce at: [email protected]  or 603.224.4697 x 16




RRT_Barry2Barry Steelman – Programming Specialist

Barry has had 49 years experience in the entertainment business, operating movie theatres and a video rental store; hosting radio and television programs; teaching film study classes at area colleges.  As program specialist at Red River, he is constantly seeking the best fare that independent film makers have produced.  Barry has four sons, eight grandchildren and lives in Allenstown (at the same address for the past 54 years).


Please contact Barry at: [email protected] or 603.224.4697 x 16


Jeff Somerville – Operations Director     Please contact Jeff at: [email protected] or 603.224.4697 x 16

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