From Kathmandu to Everest:
Marriage, Culture and Mountains in the Highest Place on Earth


Red River Theatres is proud to present a once-in-a-lifetime event on one of the most fascinating and mysterious places in the world, Nepal. Learn about the many facets of this tiny mountain country presented from two writers and climbers who have been there.

Travel writer Dan Szczesny and mountain climber Jake St. Pierre will present a multi-media show on their experiences living, eating, trekking and marrying in Nepal. The event is sponsored by Lincoln Financial Group of Concord.

From Kathmandu to Everest: Marriage, Culture and Mountains in the Highest Place on Earth is a FREE event, though reservations are suggested. Dan and Jake will use video, readings, and slides to present Nepal both as a mountain destination and as the rich, multi-cultural society the two mean experienced while there. Dan married in Kathmandu in a traditional Nepali wedding ceremony, the honeymooned with a trek to Everest Base Camp. Jake was at Base Camp this past spring for the worst climbing disaster in Everest’s history, an avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa.

166Dan Szcznesy is the Associate Publisher of the The Hippo and a long-time journalist and author from Manchester, NH. He’s also a hiking guide and naturalist for Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center in Massachusetts. His books include the hiking memoir, The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie, and Notes from Alaska, a series of essays about the Last Frontier. Dan will be discussing and reading from his latest book, The Nepal Chronicles, about his month long unguided trek to Everest Base Camp and marriage in Kathmandu. He’ll have video and slides from the trail.

Jake St. PierreJake St. Pierre the owner of Juggernaut Summit Performance and a certified personal trainer and climber from Concord, NH. He’s been climbing mountains for over 30 years and has been invited by the American Climber Science Program to join a science research expedition to the Everest region to study climate change. Jake will be discussing the Everest 2014 climbing season, the deadly avalanche that killed 16 Sherpa and what the tragedy means for the future of the highest peak in the world. He’ll have photos from the recovery effort and from the avalanche site itself.

Thurs. Oct. 2 @ 6:30  PM    THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT! 

You’re in the Movies! Black Tie Dinner & Trivia Fundraiser
to Benefit Red River Theatres
Red River Theatres invites you to celebrate our 7th Birthday with us in style! Please join us on Saturday, October 18th at O’ Steaks & Seafood’s Capital Club for a night of glamour, fun and a few surprises.  This first annual Black Tie Trivia Fundraising Dinner has been created for those looking for a great night out all while benefiting their favorite non-profit independent cinema!
Saturday, October 18
O Steaks & Seafood in the Capital Club
5:30pm: Cocktails (cash bar) and Art Raffle
6:15pm: Five-course dinner by O Steaks & SeafoodDress: Although you don’t have to wear a tuxedo we encourage you to dress to impress! Think Hollywood glamour!Each table of 6 will play as team and work to win the coveted title of ultimate movie buff and of course great prizes! We promise you a night of delicious food and fun! The best part? Money raised from this event goes to directly benefit Red River Theatres!Tickets: $75 each or $450 for a table of 6 Sponsored by:the River 102.3O Logo in PapyrusPlease contact Angie Lane, Events & Marketing Manager to purchase tickets: alane@redrivertheatres.org or 224-4697 ext 12
Oct. 18 @ 5:30


Red River is kicking off October with a Quote-A-Long to Jim Henson’s classic LABYRINTH! You know the drill- dress up, prepare to call out your favorite lines and of course get your tickets EARLY!!
Fifteen-year-old Sarah resents her baby brother Toby and secretly wishes that he will just disappear. Her wish comes true when goblins kidnap the boy. Feeling responsible and guilty about his abduction, she sets forth to retrieve him, and finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime. To rescue her brother, she must sneak into the castle of the Goblin King, which is in the center of a fantastical labyrinth. But, the task is easier said than done, for the maze is filled with strange creatures and mind-bending puzzles, and nothing is really as it seems.Tickets:
Non-yet members: $15.00
Members: $13.00
Under 16: $8.00
Sat. Oct. 11 @ 7pm

THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH Celebrate 7 Years with Red River Theatres
Come celebrate our 7th birthday with a special screening of THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH! Red River Theatres members get in free while tickets last! So get’em while they’re hot… call in or email membership@redrivertheatres.org.

We will have birthday treats and a wine tasting as well that evening so plan to arrive a little early! 

With his family away for their annual summer holiday, New Yorker Richard Sherman decides he has the opportunity to live a bachelor’s life – to eat and drink what he wants and basically to enjoy life without wife and son. The beautiful but ditsy blond from the apartment above his catches his eye and they soon start spending time together. It’s all innocent though there is little doubt that Sherman is attracted to her. Any lust he may be feeling is played out in his own imagination however.SPONSORED BY:
new orr reno
Wed. Oct. 15 @ 7PM



Presented in partnership with New Hampshire Humanities Council
NH Humanities Council-high res
A documentary produced by Lynn Clowes explores the constellation of new realities that African youth face as they rebuild their lives in NH. Teens, teachers, and community leaders talk about the complicated path to becoming American, particularly for young immigrants and refugees of color: community values and expectations often contradict or undermine learned behavior; family roles have undergone a seismic shift; encountering racist attitudes while learning a new language and recovering from deadly conflict and trauma often requires a determination and strength of character beyond their years.  The film explores these challenges, honestly confronting both communal and individual successes and failures.  It asks how we as a society either contribute to or interfere with the newcomer’s sense of belonging.


Presented by the NH Palestine Education Network
Where Should Birds FlyScreening @ 12:15 PMWHERE SHOULD THE BIRDS FLY? is the first film about Gaza made by Palestinians living the reality of Israel’s siege and blockade of this tiny enclave. It is the story of two young women, survivors of Israel’s Operation Cast Lead. Mona Samouni, now 12 years old and the filmmaker, Fida Qishta, now 27, represent the spirit and future of Palestinians. The film is a visual documentation of the Goldstone Report. But it is so much more. It reveals the strength and hope, the humanity and humor that flourishes among the people of Gaza. Few films document so powerfully and personally the impact of modern warfare and sanctions on civilian population.Human rights activist, social worker, and Gaza advocate Ridgely Fuller and Gaza psycho-social therapist, Gaza resident, and MA candidate at the School for International Training in Brattleboro , VT, Ayman Nijim will comment and facilitate the discussion following the screening.


Screening @ 2:30 PM

VOICES ACROSS THE DIVIDE is a powerful documentary and oral history project by Alice Rothchild and Sharon Mullally. The film explores the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through rarely heard personal stories. Narrated by Alice Rothchild, and American Jew raised on the tradgedies of the Holocaust and the dream of a Jewish homeland in Israel, the film follows her personal journey as she begins to understand the Palestinian narrative, while exploring the Palestinian experience of loss, occupation, statelessness, and immigration to the US- stories that need to be a part of the dialogue if peace with justice is to be achieved. The documentary is both a personal journey to understand the Palestinian narrative as well as the implications and contradictions of deeply held cultural beliefs in the Jewish community.

Filmmaker and author Dr. Alice Rothchild will comment and facilitate the discussion following the screening.


Screening @ 5:00 PM

AL-HELM: MARTIN LUTHER KING IN PALESTINE is the Award-winning film about an African American gospel choir who serves as the Greek chorus for a Palestinian play on Martin Luther King, Jr. Together, the African Americans and Palestinians tour the West Bank preaching nonviolence. The choir is apprehensive about working with the Palestinians whose American media image is that of angry, violent terrorists. For the Palestinian actors, Americans are unconditional supporters of their occupiers. It is a personal and cultural exchange where, over the course of the journey, their ideas about each other are radically transformed. Happy to finally visit the Holy Land, the choir witnesses life in the occupied territories, performs in a unique theater inside a refugee camp, and meets Fadi Quran, a young leader of the nonviolent movement for justice. At the end of their tour reality will astonishingly mirror the play on MLK, a man who died for his beliefs.

African American Dr. Carmen Buford-Paige and Palestinian-Jordanian Tarek Abu Jabarah will comment and facilitate the discussion afterward.

***Tickets are $7 per film OR $15 for 3-film ticket*** For pre-paid tickets with pick-up at the door, send checks to “NH Peace Action- Education Fund” with the memo: Palestine Film Festival or use the donate button on http://nhpeaceaction.org/donate/ and enter PEN on the notes field alone with the movie title.

Sun. Oct. 5 

Presented in partnership with the Crisis Center of NH

Private Violence is a feature-length documentary film and audience engagement campaign that explores a simple, but deeply disturbing fact of American life: the most dangerous place for a woman in America is her own home. Every day in the US, at least four women are murdered by abusive (and often, ex) partners. The knee-jerk response is to ask: “why doesn’t she just leave?” Private Violence shatters the brutality of this logic. Through the eyes of two survivors – Deanna Walters, a mother who seeks justice for the crimes committed against her at the hands of her estranged husband, and Kit Gruelle, an advocate who seeks justice for all women – we bear witness to the complicated and complex realities of intimate partner violence. Their experiences challenge entrenched and misleading assumptions, providing a lens into a world that is largely invisible; a world we have locked behind closed doors with our silence, our laws, and our lack of understanding. Kit’s work immerses us in the lives of several other women as they attempt to leave their abusers, setting them on a collision course with institutions that continuously and systematically fail them, often blaming victims for the violence they hope to flee. The same society that encourages women to seek true love shows them no mercy when that love turns dangerous. As Deanna transforms from victim to survivor, Private Violence begins to shape powerful, new questions that hold the potential to change our society: “Why does he abuse?” “Why do we turn away?” “How do we begin to build a future without domestic violence?”

FREE, reserving seats is highly recommended, seating is limited

A discussion will follow the film.
Discussion Leaders:
Jill Rockey, Executive Director, Crisis Center of Center NH
Laura Spaulding, Det. Concord Police Department, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault Unit.

Coming Soon: TBA


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Our annual Quote and Sing-Along October Tradition! A Wicked night out featuring men in drag, a young couple about to lose their innocence, and a few monsters to teach you to dance the Time Warp.Your ticket includes: Prop Bags, Naughty Pre-show games, Costume Contest, and a live cast of characters.RULES: Have Fun! WE expect courtesy, but if you expect a quiet night out THIS IS NOT the event for you!NO OUTSIDE PROPS!!! We will be checking at the door, so expect a pat-down (seriously, no extra charge!)Fri. Oct. 24: 16+ Night (IF UNDER 18 YOU MUST HAVE AN ADULT(OVER 18) WITH YOU – WE WILL BE CHECKING ID’S)Sat. Oct. 25: 18+ NIGHT (PLEASE HAVE ID’S READY – WE WILL BE CHECKING!) ARRIVE EARLY TO TAKE PART IN A BEER TASTING AND OTHER DEBAUCHERY BEFORE THE FILM STARTS! 
Fri Oct. 24 & Sat. Oct. 25 @ 9:30



October 16: 
A scientific expedition searching for fossils in the Amazon jungle discover— and attempt to capture—an amphibious gill man.  But this prehistoric menace is interested in only one thing:  the lone female member (Julie Adams) of the team.  Marvelous black & white underwater photography, the superb appearance of the fearsome antagonist and Jack Arnold’s inspired direction afford this thriller numerous classic moments.  Richard Carlson and Richard Denning compete for Ms. Adams on land.

October 23:
BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (NR/1953/80 min.)
Atomic blasts in the Arctic free a long hibernating, ferocious Rhedosaurus.  Marauding along the Eastern seaboard of Canada and America, the behemoth finally surfaces—and wreaks havoc—in New York City.   An early, very exciting effort by visual effects master Ray Harryhausen, with an appealing cast (Paul Christian, Paula Raymond, Cecil Kellaway and Kenneth Tobey) and an appreciative nod to noted sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury for supplying elements of the plot.

October 30:
THEM! (NR/1954/95 min.)
A wandering little girl whose parents have disappeared and several dead bodies prompt local and federal authorities to investigate criminal activity in the New Mexico desert.  They soon learn the culprits are gigantic ants—a product of recent nuclear testing in that area.  Influential, top drawer sci-fi/horror film has an intelligent script, fine special effects and terrific acting (by James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon and James Arness).

All shows @ 6:00pm

Presented in the Simchik Cinema at 4:00 pm.  Complimentary coffee (or tea) and snack. 
After film commentary/discussion with each movie.OCTOBER 12:
BORDER INCIDENT (NR/1949/95 min.)
Government agents from Mexico (Ricardo Montalban) and America (George Murphy) infiltrate a gang of thieves, murderers and moneymen who prey on illegal aliens entering California as farm laborers.  This superior depiction of an ongoing immigration problem, brilliantly photographed (by John Alton) and directed (by Anthony Mann), offers a thrilling gallery of villains (Howard De Silva, Charles McGraw, Alfonso Bedoya and Arnold Moss) effectively ratcheting up the tension.PURCHASE TICKETS


THE LAST VOYAGE (NR/1960/91 min.)
An engine-room fire onboard a luxury liner gets out of control, causing explosions which endanger the lives of passengers and crew.  One man (Robert Stack) struggles to free his injured wife (Dorothy Malone) from the wreckage as the situation worsens and the vessel begins to sink.
Realistic thriller was filmed on the famous French liner “Ile de France” (before it was sold as scrap metal) and has a fine supporting cast (George Sanders, Edmond O’Brien, Woody Strode and Jack Kruschen).


THE SEVENTH VICTIM (NR/1943/71 min.)
Young Mary Gibson (Kim Hunter) leaves her prep school and travels to New York City in search of her missing older sister Jacqueline (Jean Brooks).  Mary discovers that her sister may be under the control of a mysterious group of Satanists.  An uneasy sense of dread pervades this eerie chiller—an exceptional effort from notable producer Val Lewton (Cat People and Body Snatcher).
Tom Conway and Hugh Beaumont co-star.


OUT OF THE PAST (NR/1947/97 min.)
Private detective Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum) can’t escape his former life when a one-time employer-gangster Whit Sterling (Kirk Douglas) and his femme fatale lover Kathie Moffett (Jane Greer) entangled Bailey in a morass of sex, murder, jealousy and double-dealings.  When he’s currently rediscovered by Sterling, Bailey senses his future may be in jeopardy.  Near perfect filmmaking provides taut direction (by Jacques Tourneur) and top drawer acting from all involved (including Rhonda Fleming, Richard Webb and Steve Brodie).


Sundays @ 4:00 PM Oct 12 – Nov 2


Red River is celebrating the Day of the Dead with a Quote-A-Long with one our favorite undead – BEETLEJUICE!  Our Quote-A-Longs require audience participation and of course we highly encourage costumes! Don’t forget to get your tickets EARLY!!BEETLEJUICE:
Thanks to the carelessness of a cute little dog, newlyweds Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin are killed in a freak auto accident. Upon arriving in the outer offices of Heaven, the couple finds that, thanks to a century’s worth of bureaucratic red tape, they’re on a long celestial waiting list. Before they can earn their wings, Davis and Baldwin must occupy their old house as ghosts for the next fifty years. Alas, the house is now owned by insufferable yuppies Catherine O’Hara and Jeffrey Jones. Horrified at the prospect of sharing space with these obnoxious interlopers, Davis and Baldwin do their best to scare O’Hara and Jones away, but their house-haunting skills are pathetic at best. In desperation, the ghostly couple engage the services of a veteran scaremeister: a yellow-haired, snaggle-toothed, profane, flatulent “gonzo” spirit named Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton). The problem: Beetlejuice cannot be trusted-especially when he falls in love with O’Hara and Jones’ gloomy, black-clad teenaged daughter Winona Ryder. Tickets:
Non-yet members: $15.00
Members: $13.00
Under 16: $8.00
Nov. 1 @ 7PM



Andrew Pinard: Discovering Magic. Are you the type of person who loves to be surprised; the kind of person that marvels at how remarkable the world is and celebrates the weird and wonderful ways that we experience the world? If so, Discovering Magic is the experience for you! Back for its second year, this “mind-numbing, jaw-dropping, eye-opening” experience takes audiences on a guided tour of the impossible and the absurd. Using only the most ordinary of objects, accomplished actor, conjuror, puppeteer, storyteller, and award-winning performer Andrew Pinard brings the ordinary to life with the most surprising results. The only show of its kind in the New England, audiences have traveled from Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire to experience sleight of hand, con games, psychology, history, science, comedy, cognitive development, political spin, and more through the eyes of a “perceptual engineer” on his quest to explore distortion and guile.Pinard has been a full-time performer and theatre artist for over twenty-five years. He has presented thousands of performances throughout the northeastern United States as well as internationally in Canada, England, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. Pinard has been recognized by his peers as one of the finest close-up performers throughout the Northeast and took the top honors in the 18th Annual New England Magic Competition. Pinard was selected twice as Editors’ Choice for Best Magical Entertainer in “The Very Best of New Hampshire” issues of New Hampshire Magazine.The New Hampshire State Council on the Arts has referred to his “impressive ability with sleight-of-hand.” After attending the premiere episode of Discovering Magic, Rick Broussard, Editor of New Hampshire Magazine, wrote: “Your show is remarkable, Andrew. Anyone who hasn’t seen it owes it to themselves to go.
Third Wednesday of each month Sept-June @ 8PM