Volunteer Information and Application

At Red River Theatres, we are looking for dedicated volunteers to act as ushers and ticket takers on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, to assist in managing the flow and seating of patrons during our busy months.

In addition to these roles, Red River plays host to a number of popular events. Volunteers may be asked to work under the direction of Red River Theatres’ Events Coordinator in a number of capacities, including, but not limited to, the following:

– hanging publicity materials
– other marketing or promotion prior to an event
– hosting check-in tables for ticketed events
– directing cars to appropriate parking
– event set-up
– bagging popcorn for sale at an event
– selling refreshments, or other items, outdoors
– crowd control
– clean-up after events/managing
– recycling
– documentation of events through photography/videotaping
– other event related tasks, as assigned

If you are interested in getting involved with Red River Theatres, please fill out our Volunteer Application and return it to the theater or email it to our staff at [email protected] Thank you for your interest!