September Gallery Artists:
Shannon & Kathryn Downey

Kathryn’s Bio:

Kathryn Downey is a New Hampshire artist based in the Concord area. Her interests have always been in the natural world. After receiving her associate’s in Visual Arts from New Hampshire Technical Institute and then a bachelor of science in Marine Biology from Unity College, she wanted to bring her love of the natural world to others. She has always been interested in the gap between the scientific world and the general public which is why she is currently pursuing a master’s in an environmental field.

The focus of her art is primarily the small details of the natural world, the abstraction of form in photography as well as in other media. She enjoys any opportunity to share the knowledge that she has gained in school and to help bring a better understanding of the natural world to everyone she meets. She also enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and exploring New England with family and friends.

Shannon’s Bio:

Shannon Downey is eighteen and has lived in New Hampshire since she was three years old. She has always had a fascination of the outdoors and plants, and her love of nature has only grown through the years. When she learned that she could capture the beauty of the natural world, she was astounded and started taking pictures of anything and everything that caught her interest. Being home schooled throughout grade school, she had a chance to really indulge in the outdoors, from family camping trips, to volunteering at the New Hampshire Audubon, to working at Miles Smith Farm.

It wasn’t until later in her life that she realized her love of the visual and performing arts could turn into a career. She is now attending New Hampshire Technical Institute and working towards an associate’s in business administration, with plans to move on to a four year school to complete a bachelor’s in music and/or theatre management. Although her sights lay in the performing arts, she still has an everlasting love for photography, and will continue for many years to come. She has the glorious and wonderful New Hampshire landscape to thank for that.


Artist Statement: “Nature Through a New Lens”

The representation of form has always been of interest to us. To project an animal or object exactly as it is leaves little to the imagination, and there is so much more to nature than just what we see at a glance. A detailed inspection or a new perspective of the flora and fauna we see every day can help us form a greater appreciation of nature as a whole, as well as change how we feel about what we see. Our feelings towards any particular thing dramatically affects how we perceive it, and we consider it a worthwhile endeavor to challenge ourselves and our viewers to see beyond just a picture and to focus on how a viewing experience affects us internally. Hopefully though our photos, you can appreciate the natural world as much as we do.



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