April Gallery Artist:
Duane Hammond


Artist, author and humorist Duane Hammond is the creator of Pigs ina Poke. It’s a collection of humorous and satirical paintings of pigs engaged in human-like activities and situations. He’s a NH native, a graduate from the Museum School of Fine Arts, Boston, a former graphic designer and the president of his design company for 39 years ; Hammond Design Associates, Milford NH.

He’s authored and illustrated 2 books: Pigs in a Poke Collection #1, and Pigs ina Poke Collection #2. In 2010 he received a nomination for a Best in Humor Award by the Independent Book Publishers Association. His pig art paintings have appeared on ABC-TV, and the subject of numerous articles in national and regional publications. His images of pigs are reproduced as gilcee numbered and signed limited edition prints, and reproduced on a number of products for sale as notecards, greeting cards, coffee mugs, magnets, and Tote bags. They’re truly unique and funny, really funny.

Come snort, squeal and grunt to your hearts delight at his paintings of pigs.




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