April Gallery Artist:
Jeremy Couturier


Artist Statement
I feel like my artwork touches upon a heartfelt infatuation with cinema,television,pop culture and nostalgia. My subjects are often familiar and sometimes visitors from daydreams and memories long past. Often they will meet each other halfway in passing.

I choose to work with traditional pen and ink methods. I first learned to draw from old comic books, and later came to appreciate and emulate illustrators of the early 21st century. I complete my process by way of digital color. This means marks on paper that end up as pixels on a screen. Which in this day and age move effortless across the world in ways I would have never imagined 20 years ago.

Ultimately I hope the viewer will make a connection to my work in a way that a song on the radio can stir up old memories or create new sensations in the moment.


I’m a longtime New Hampshire resident who grew up in Hampton, and currently reside in the city of Dover with my wife Lyn and son James.

Of recent note, my artwork has appeared in the 2012 documentary The Apple Pushers (narrated by Edward Norton), the New York Times, the book The Big Lebowski: An Illustrated Annotated History of the Greatest Cult Film of All Time, and for patrons of Red River Theatres you may have seen my posters for the Xtreme Friday Night Film Series, which I am especially fond of.

My artwork has appeared in galleries in New Hampshire, Florida and Vancouver, Canada.

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